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Links To Research

iPredict has a primary purpose in research. Below is a sample of the rapidly growing literature in this field.

Recommended Papers

Wolfers, Justin and Eric Zitzewitz (2004), "Prediction markets," Journal of Economic Perspectives, 18(2), Spring 2004 here

Hanson, Robin (2008), "Shall We Vote On Values, But Bet On Beliefs?" Forthcoming, Journal of Political Philosophy here

Cowgill, Bo, Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz (2008), "Using Prediction Markets to Track Information Flows: Evidence from Google," working paper here

Recommended Books

Surowiecki, James (2004) The Wisdom of Crowds (New York: Doubleday, 2004) summary, review, buy.

Abramowicz, Michael (2008), Predictocracy: Market Mechanisms for Public and Private Decision Making, Yale University Press. review, review, buy.

Other Papers

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