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Average Price Paid
The "average price paid" figure represents the amount that you have paid per stock for a particular stock. If you bought at different times and different prices, the average of those prices is displayed.
Available currency not invested in any stocks.
The "change" column in your portfolio represents the amount each particular stock has changed since the start of the current day.
When you are ready to take your profit from a short position on a stock, the action of buying back the position that you sold short is "covering" the short position.
Current Price
The price listed in your portfolio is the most recent price for that stock available.
IPO (Initial Public Offering)
When a new stock is added to the market it is known as the initial public offering (IPO).
This occurs when a stock is delisted (removed) from the market and its one-time dividend is paid out.
Judge Date
The date a stock is paid out.
Last Price
The price represents the most recent price at which a stock was traded.
Buying "long" on a stock means the same as a normal buy. Buying long is the opposite of selling short.
Movers are the stocks with the highest and lowest price shifts on the exchange. Many traders use movers as indicators of things to come, or jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the price shifting for profit.
Net Cash
Means total deposits minus total withdrawals from a trader's account.
Net Gain or Loss
As listed on your portfolio page, the net gain or loss column shows how much money you would stand to gain or lose by liquidating that particular stock at a given time.
The portfolio is what you use to track your performance. It will keep track of what you own, what you paid for it, your net gain or loss, and more. As prices change all the time, be sure to check your portfolio as often as possible so you don't miss an opportunity to make some profit.
Stocks Held
The total number of stocks of a contract you own in your portfolio.
Short Selling
Short selling allows you to profit when prices of a stock go down. The simple rule behind short selling is that if you think a stock is overvalued and the price is going to go down, you should sell the security "short."
Ticker Symbol
A ticker symbol is an abbreviation of the name of a stock it represents.
Total Value
The total value of a stock as listed on the portfolio is what the trader would get in cash for selling this stock. For stocks that are held long, this number will be [current price] times [number of stocks held]. For stocks that were short sold, this number will be current value as listed in short selling.
The number of stocks traded in a given time frame.